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Collaborative Family Law

 Family Health Professional

As a Family Health Professional with a clinical background in psychotherapy and training in mediation and the collaborative divorce process, I provide emotional and practical support for clients so that they can effectively meet the challenges of one of life's most difficult transitions. My approach and presence as a mediator, counsellor or facilitator helps to bring clarity, compassion and effectiveness to the collaborative meeting.

Clients can be counselled individually or as a couple before, during or after collaborative meetings. As a Family Health Professional, I support the overall goal of the collaborative team in seeking a mutually acceptable settlement while maintaining confidentiality, keeping the lines of communication open, and working cooperatively to resolve their differences.

Where children are involved it is important to “untie the knot without unravelling the family”. Separation and divorce especially when there are children, involves loss and a wide range of emotions. I ensure that the emotional needs and practical concerns of each child are being considered by both parents and all members of the team. This includes providing support and acting as a resource for general parenting. I may suggest ways in which parents can view children’s immediate and future needs. Where parents are having difficulties resolving differences, I may represent the voice of the children at the meetings (based on discussions with the children) or support the children who participate in meetings.

Sometimes clients require support to clarify their goals and address issues in which they feel stuck. I support couples to participate with confidence and perspective while working through what can be an emotionally charged experience. My empathic and non-judgemental approach creates a safe setting for clients to express their views and consider alternatives so that they can move toward a mutually acceptable agreement. I invite you to contact me to learn more about how I may assist you and your family.

I invite you to Contact me.