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Q: For whom do you provide counselling?

My clients are individuals, couples or families who are feeling stuck with some aspect of their life and their relationships. It can be a troubled relationship with oneself (self esteem), with a partner, teacher, boss, co-worker, friend, sibling, spouse, or child. Some of my clients are struggling with a life transition, conflict, grief, anger, or with depression and anxiety. They may feel ready to move beyond some past issue or limitation to create a more fulfilling life. I work with men, women and couples and families, from adolescents to those in their eighties.

Q: When do you see clients?

Please see my Contact page for office hours. I also provide Zoom/Telephone Counselling.

Q: How often would I come in?

Generally, I see clients weekly or every two weeks. My experience is that this provides the best momentum for creating and sustaining change in their lives. However, I will see clients every three weeks and monthly after a period of establishing a rapport.

Q: How many sessions would I see you?

The duration of therapy is up to you. It depends greatly on your goal, the complexity of the situation, and your readiness to change. Clients sometimes attend a certain number of sessions and then take a break and return when they want support to work on an emerging issue at different periods in their lives.

Q: How long does a session last?

Counselling sessions run 60 minutes. Sometimes, I will book longer sessions if the need arises. Couples and families often require 90 minutes.

Q: What are your qualifications?

I am a Registered Social Worker (Registered with the College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers of Ontario.) I am also a Certified Gestalt Therapist. My psychotherapy training is from the Gestalt Institute of Toronto. I am also a Registered Nurse with the Ontario College of Nurses and I have a Masters of Environmental Studies Degree where my focus was health in the work environment. I am trained in Basic Mediation from Cooperative Solutions and certified as a Parent Educator. Professional memberships include OASW. Memeber of for ADHD. In addition to my professional education I participate in ongoing professional development.

Q: How does this work with my insurance?

Are you covered by OHIP?

OHIP does not cover psychotherapy unless you are receiving counselling from a medical doctor. A growing number of health plans cover some portion of psychotherapy fees where the service is provided by a social worker or psychologist. I am a Registered Social Worker #802850. As well, you can claim a portion of the fee under the medical expenses section of your tax return.

The following list is not comprehensive however it does provide a list of companies and employers who have provided reimbursement to their clients/employees.

Health Insurance Companies who reimburse for Social Work Services include the following:

Blue Cross, Claim Secure, Empire Life, Equitable Life, Desjardins Financial, Great West Life Insurance, Liberty Health, Manulife Financial, Sunlife, State Insurance. Check for current policy with your provider.

Group Employers who cover Social Work Services include the following:

Air Canada, Association of Management, Administrative and Professionals, Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, Canadian Association of Auto Workers, Canadian Pacific Railway, Crown Employees of Ontario, Export Development Corporation, Imperial Oil, Nova Chemicals, OPSEU - Ontario Public Service Employees Union, Place Dome Mines, Toronto Teacher's Federation, York Region Public School Board. Check for current policy with your employer.

Other Third Party Payers:

Criminal Injury Compensation Board, Employee Assistance Services (EAP), First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, Motor Vehicle Insurance Companies, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, Veteran Affairs Canada. Check their current policies.

Q: What are your fees, and what forms of payment do you accept?

Please see my Contact page for my fees and forms of payment.